I Was A Social Media Troll And I Didn’t Realize It

I have a really interesting story to share about an old friend of mine. They found out they were an Internet troll and had no idea. Read on!

“Everyone hates social media trolls right? They’re obnoxious. They’re usually pretty mean and belligerent. They argue with everyone and try to discredit any type of reputable claim. They’re the worst. Well I was one, and I didn’t know it. Not even a cell phone spy app could have told me. I had no idea how my online behavior made me look or what people thought of the posts I was making. I thought everyone on social media behaved that way. Especially on Facebook. People share news stories, comment on other people’s shared pieces, and voice their opinions. But it turns out not everyone does it the way I was doing it. I almost needed a text spy to figure it out.

What Made Me Notice

I noticed after posting some things that a few people had unfriended me, but I didn’t know why. I figured that’s just how it is on social media. Sometimes people unfriend you or move on. But then I noticed that some of the other moms at my kid’s school would avoid me or hurry to end conversations when I would strike up a conversation with them at pick up or drop off. I had no idea why. I looked through my news pages about cell phone spy issues and looked for answers. This went on for a couple of months until I vented to one of my friends at our mommy coffee group one day. Rolling her eyes like she’d had enough, she told me that the reason everyone was unfriending me and avoiding me was because I was an internet troll.

A Troll?

I was stunned. A troll? Me? How could that be? I was just edgy. And vocal about my opinions. Or so I thought. But my friends sat down with me and went over some of my posts with me to show me how what I posted and typed was being taken as troll behavior. I was mortified when they pointed out to me all the times I was needlessly mean or argumentative and all the times I dismissed the opinions of others. I felt like a horrible person. I made some big changes in my online behavior after that. I didn’t want to be the troll in the group. I wanted my friends to like me, and I wanted my online behavior to represent the best of my personality, not the worst.

Do you have a cell phone spy app to stop you?
The Internet Troll, what an awful social media persona.


So, if you have noticed people unfriending you lately or avoiding you online and offline, you might be a troll and not realize it too. Go back and look at your social media posts. Is the tone helpful and friendly or angry and surly? Do you argue with lots of people? Do you block anyone that doesn’t agree with you? Is everything that you post kind of negative or angry? If so, you could be a troll. Don’t use your cell phone spy app to figure it out, just see the problems.

Now is the perfect time to go back through your social media and clean up your posts. Be more thoughtful in how you treat people online and make sure that you’re not being overly negative. It’s not too late to stop troll behavior and save your friendships. This is just one way to use Facebook, but there are plenty of others.