The Benefits of Using Social Media in Everyday Life

We’ve heard of many news reports about the dangers of social media almost every day in the news. However, if used correctly, the platform can do wonders and improve our lives. More and more social media platforms are getting created every year and connecting to one person via another platform is getting much easier. Let’s look at the many ways how social media benefit us today.

Connecting People all Over the World

One can’t really argue at how social media has connected people all over the world. It was just mere decades ago with others only experiencing it half a decade ago that people began using social media to talk to anyone across the world. Even language barriers are partially removed thanks to automatic translation. This certainly beats the expensive long-distance calls or telegrams.

Sharing of Information

With interconnectivity comes sharing of information. Anyone can now share what they’ve learned through their chosen platform. YouTube is one of those social media platforms being used to share information. You can put a query such as how to bake this, how to make that and you’re sure to get video instructions on how to do it. You might even get lucky and see a variety of information from your original search.

Re-connecting With Someone

There’s a chance that you’re missing a childhood friend from many years ago. Well, you’re in luck. Social media has made it easier to search for people. In fact, he or she might even show up in your recommended friends if they match your information such as city born in, schools went to and more. It’s the magic of social media or rather, the algorithms running behind the flashy websites.

For Your Business

They are certainly useful tools to improve the visibility of your business. You can reach a target audience like your own neighborhood, or an age group or go worldwide with your advertisements. You have a choice in controlling your expenses with social media marketing from zero dollars to as much as you want. In fact, some SEO consultancy firms have included social media with their packages in helping promote businesses.

Finding that Special Someone

It’s more than connecting with someone, it’s about finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Dating is made easier when you can get matched with a potential date. Some websites even have a specialized form of social media accounts that give you exactly what you want, finding your lifetime partner.

Social Media platforms can really help us a lot, but some say they’re headaches for parents. They lead to early awakenings of children to negative influences. SWE Climb is the best parenting blog for you. Read all about keeping your children safe and guiding them through the internet.


avengers infinity war

Avengers Infinity War Is Here

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War is finally going to be in theaters this Friday April 27th. Here is the final trailer for Avengers Infinity War if you haven’t seen it. Die-hard Marvel fans like myself and my children are extremely excited for this much anticipated movie. It’s going to be a huge hit at the box office, and many of the theaters are already selling out of tickets. Comic fans and casual fans alike are getting pumped up for this premiere. 

avengers infinity war
The Cast Of Avengers

The reason that Infinity War is so exciting is that virtually every Marvel movie since Iron Man has been building up to this moment. Including the movies Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. They’ve all been building up to the showdown between The Avengers and Thanos. Even the Guardians of the Galaxy films have merely been “rising action” for what is going to happen in Infinity War.

Understanding The Movie


To understand what’s going on in Infinity War, it’s important to know who Thanos is. He’s an extra-terrestrial being, who we were introduced to during the two Guardians of the Galaxy films. Loki, Thor’s brother, was employed by Thanos to retrieve the Tesseract from Earth. The Tesseract is, of course, an Infinity Stone.

Infinity Stones

What Thanos is after in Infinity War are the Infinity Stones. These are the small, colored crystals that are seen throughout The Avengers films and in Guardians of the Galaxy. A yellow one can be seen giving Vision, formerly known as Jarvis, his power.

The Avengers

This film is going to be the biggest gathering of Avengers we have seen yet. Some, like Black Panther, might not have been formerly inducted, but we assume they will be there. Captain America is making an appearance, after battling Iron Man during Civil War. Thor is back as well, after sitting Civil War out but having another of his own solo film’s earlier this year.


The sad truth about this movie, so it seems, is that at least one of The Avengers is going to meet their end. It’s common knowledge that Robert Downey Jr. is tired of playing Iron Man. It is safe to assume that he is going to be killed off at some point, and it could very well be during this film. Keep your eyes off your phone unless you’re using a cell phone spy

Are you Ready?

Whatever happens, it’s surely going to have serious effects on the Marvel Universe as we know it. Anyone who enjoys the Marvel movies is likely excited about this film. Be sure to get your tickets before they all sell out. Leave your other streaming devices and go to the movies this weekend!



A cell phone spy app won't tell you if you're an internet troll.

I Was A Social Media Troll And I Didn’t Realize It

I have a really interesting story to share about an old friend of mine. They found out they were an Internet troll and had no idea. Read on!

“Everyone hates social media trolls right? They’re obnoxious. They’re usually pretty mean and belligerent. They argue with everyone and try to discredit any type of reputable claim. They’re the worst. Well I was one, and I didn’t know it. Not even a cell phone spy app could have told me. I had no idea how my online behavior made me look or what people thought of the posts I was making. I thought everyone on social media behaved that way. Especially on Facebook. People share news stories, comment on other people’s shared pieces, and voice their opinions. But it turns out not everyone does it the way I was doing it. I almost needed a text spy to figure it out.

What Made Me Notice

I noticed after posting some things that a few people had unfriended me, but I didn’t know why. I figured that’s just how it is on social media. Sometimes people unfriend you or move on. But then I noticed that some of the other moms at my kid’s school would avoid me or hurry to end conversations when I would strike up a conversation with them at pick up or drop off. I had no idea why. I looked through my news pages about cell phone spy issues and looked for answers. This went on for a couple of months until I vented to one of my friends at our mommy coffee group one day. Rolling her eyes like she’d had enough, she told me that the reason everyone was unfriending me and avoiding me was because I was an internet troll.

A Troll?

I was stunned. A troll? Me? How could that be? I was just edgy. And vocal about my opinions. Or so I thought. But my friends sat down with me and went over some of my posts with me to show me how what I posted and typed was being taken as troll behavior. I was mortified when they pointed out to me all the times I was needlessly mean or argumentative and all the times I dismissed the opinions of others. I felt like a horrible person. I made some big changes in my online behavior after that. I didn’t want to be the troll in the group. I wanted my friends to like me, and I wanted my online behavior to represent the best of my personality, not the worst.

Do you have a cell phone spy app to stop you?
The Internet Troll, what an awful social media persona.


So, if you have noticed people unfriending you lately or avoiding you online and offline, you might be a troll and not realize it too. Go back and look at your social media posts. Is the tone helpful and friendly or angry and surly? Do you argue with lots of people? Do you block anyone that doesn’t agree with you? Is everything that you post kind of negative or angry? If so, you could be a troll. Don’t use your cell phone spy app to figure it out, just see the problems.

Now is the perfect time to go back through your social media and clean up your posts. Be more thoughtful in how you treat people online and make sure that you’re not being overly negative. It’s not too late to stop troll behavior and save your friendships. This is just one way to use Facebook, but there are plenty of others.

You can track your child's Facebook purchase activity after reading remote cell spy reviews.

Why Ordering Food Through Facebook Is So Great For Parents

For parents, Facebook is both a blessing and a curse. It helps us stay in touch with friends we lost contact with years ago. But, it also allows our children to talk to strangers and be exposed to cyberbullying. Fortunately, Facebook has just added one more redeeming quality: you can now order food through the app. This is a lifesaver when you’re having a busy day and can’t even think about what to cook tonight for everyone. In addition, you can refer to remote cell spy reviews to make sure your child isn’t ordering any food through Facebook on their own. Here’s why Facebook’s newest feature is so useful for parents.

You Don’t Need To Buy Additional Electronics

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can order things online for you. But, unless you already have the Amazon Echo or Kindle, you can’t use Alexa to order delivery. You most likely already have the Facebook app on your phone, so you can just place your food order directly through that. No extra devices are required.

You Don’t Have To Download Another App

Sure, apps like GrubHub are convenient for ordering food straight to your home, but who even has space on their phone for another app they barely even use? I know I barely have any free space on mine, thanks to all the photos and videos I take of my family. If you’re like me, you use Facebook every day. To place an order, all you have to do is access the app’s “Explore” menu and click on the button to order food.

You Don’t Have To Stop What You’re Doing

It's never been easier to order pizza than it is now with Facebook.
Facebook has made ordering pizza easier than ever.

Parents are masters at multi-tasking, and ordering food on Facebook will fit right into your routine. You won’t have to stop everything, look through your kitchen drawer for your local Chinese restaurant’s menu, and call them to place an order. Instead, you can place your order while you’re out walking the dog or waiting for your child at the bus stop.

All of these are great reasons why you should use the Facebook app to order your next meal in. If you think that your child might be using this feature to order food without your permission, I recommend looking up remote cell spy reviews. You can find and download a program that will keep track of their Internet activity, as well as any purchases they make.