Teen Angst and Getting Past it with Simple Bonding Activities with Your Teen

The teenage years is probably one point in your child’s life that you dread dealing with. Teen angst is definitely true and you don’t want to be at the receiving end of it for it can really test your patience and drive you to the brink of insanity. But teens will go through it and there is nothing you can do but love them and support them no matter what. And while it may be difficult, having some bonding activities with your teen at home or elsewhere will make the transition easier to deal with. It will even make the whole family enjoy and become closer to each other.

But what kind of activities will your little rebel agree to and participate in? You don’t have to force your child to get in on the fun when he does not want to. This will only strengthen the rebellion. However, when you have these simple activities to do, asking him to join will be a little easier. And it will surely improve a relationship with your teen.

Simple Activities to do with Your Teenager

  1. Cooking his favorite meal together. While cooking won’t probably interest your teen, his favorite food will definitely get a response. Make it a habit to let your angsty teenager join you in preparing his favorite dinner at least once a week. This will do wonders to his disposition and make him feel closer to you.
  2. Watch a movie that he likes together. Show your interest and willingness to join in on your child’s likes by asking him about his favorite movies and those he wants to watch. Then, schedule a movie night every weekend so you can bond together over it.
  3. Play a sport together. Find out what kind of sport your child is into or what he wants to do and ask him to play it with you. This activity can be a great way to release energy as well as well as the stress that your child may be suffering from.

Teen rebellion and angst can really be hard to deal with. We don’t even know what kind of teenage problems children are having that made them act harsh and difficult. But when you know what to do to manage these kinds of situations, dealing with it can be easier.

Use the tips above and read more about parenting on Swe Climb so you can be a better parent to your children.