Are Phone Monitoring Software Different from Stalkerware?

The lines between stalkerware and phone monitoring apps for Android and iOS are being blurred all the time. What do we actually think of when we hear the words safe or acceptable when it comes to phone monitoring software? Can parents actually download a legit monitoring app and not a stalkerware marketed to be a parental monitoring tool?

It is important that we know what parental monitoring apps do. We have to know what their weaknesses are and how they would impact personal security. Some would actually recommend that you avoid these apps altogether. We think that they are just misinformed.

Daily Challenges.

What we should all understand is that parents face challenges every day, and when it comes to their children they face digital challenges that they more often than not are ill-equipped to handle by themselves. Consider that many American teens and pre-teens are being subjected to daily cyber-bullying, as well as violent or inappropriate photos and videos. Many of them don’t know how to handle these types of content that profligate like blowflies in the web.

How Monitoring Apps are Different from Stalkerware.

This is where parental monitoring apps can be very useful as a second set of eyes. However, comparisons to stalkerware still remain. Well, the thing is that many of the features of parental monitoring apps can also be found in stalkerware. For example, stalkerware can access the gallery of the target phone and can see all of the videos and photos taken and received by the device. The same is true of monitoring apps. However, stalkerware are used mainly to obtain information, such as photos and videos, from an individual while parental monitoring software, like Highster Mobile, are used by parents to make sure that their children’s phones do not contain any inappropriate contents.

Another feature of stalkerware that it shares with powerful monitoring apps is the ability to look at all the messages sent and received by the target device, including texts and DMs. They can even display deleted messages. But while stalkerware aim to get personal information without the consent of the person, parental monitoring apps look for inappropriate, malicious or dangerous messages, helping keep kids away from people that might hurt them, such as a predator.

Final Words.

To be completely succinct, stalkerware are used to illegally obtain information from an individual, often without the individual’s knowledge. On the other hand, top parental monitoring software such as Highster Mobile are used by parents to protect their children from all the dangers that they may encounter in the online world as well as from the people they are in contact with through their phones. There is no malice in the way parents use the app, and even though they share some features, they do not share their purpose.

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