Are Phone Monitoring Software Different from Stalkerware?

The lines between stalkerware and phone monitoring apps for Android and iOS are being blurred all the time. What do we actually think of when we hear the words safe or acceptable when it comes to phone monitoring software? Can parents actually download a legit monitoring app and not a stalkerware marketed to be a parental monitoring tool?

It is important that we know what parental monitoring apps do. We have to know what their weaknesses are and how they would impact personal security. Some would actually recommend that you avoid these apps altogether. We think that they are just misinformed.

Daily Challenges.

What we should all understand is that parents face challenges every day, and when it comes to their children they face digital challenges that they more often than not are ill-equipped to handle by themselves. Consider that many American teens and pre-teens are being subjected to daily cyber-bullying, as well as violent or inappropriate photos and videos. Many of them don’t know how to handle these types of content that profligate like blowflies in the web.

How Monitoring Apps are Different from Stalkerware.

This is where parental monitoring apps can be very useful as a second set of eyes. However, comparisons to stalkerware still remain. Well, the thing is that many of the features of parental monitoring apps can also be found in stalkerware. For example, stalkerware can access the gallery of the target phone and can see all of the videos and photos taken and received by the device. The same is true of monitoring apps. However, stalkerware are used mainly to obtain information, such as photos and videos, from an individual while parental monitoring software, like Highster Mobile, are used by parents to make sure that their children’s phones do not contain any inappropriate contents.

Another feature of stalkerware that it shares with powerful monitoring apps is the ability to look at all the messages sent and received by the target device, including texts and DMs. They can even display deleted messages. But while stalkerware aim to get personal information without the consent of the person, parental monitoring apps look for inappropriate, malicious or dangerous messages, helping keep kids away from people that might hurt them, such as a predator.

Final Words.

To be completely succinct, stalkerware are used to illegally obtain information from an individual, often without the individual’s knowledge. On the other hand, top parental monitoring software such as Highster Mobile are used by parents to protect their children from all the dangers that they may encounter in the online world as well as from the people they are in contact with through their phones. There is no malice in the way parents use the app, and even though they share some features, they do not share their purpose.

Highster Mobile, as one of the top monitoring apps, is one of the most powerful in the market. It is so easy to use and only needs a one-time payment and you can use it for a lifetime. Visit our website now to learn more.

The Benefits of Using Social Media in Everyday Life

We’ve heard of many news reports about the dangers of social media almost every day in the news. However, if used correctly, the platform can do wonders and improve our lives. More and more social media platforms are getting created every year and connecting to one person via another platform is getting much easier. Let’s look at the many ways how social media benefit us today.

Connecting People all Over the World

One can’t really argue at how social media has connected people all over the world. It was just mere decades ago with others only experiencing it half a decade ago that people began using social media to talk to anyone across the world. Even language barriers are partially removed thanks to automatic translation. This certainly beats the expensive long-distance calls or telegrams.

Sharing of Information

With interconnectivity comes sharing of information. Anyone can now share what they’ve learned through their chosen platform. YouTube is one of those social media platforms being used to share information. You can put a query such as how to bake this, how to make that and you’re sure to get video instructions on how to do it. You might even get lucky and see a variety of information from your original search.

Re-connecting With Someone

There’s a chance that you’re missing a childhood friend from many years ago. Well, you’re in luck. Social media has made it easier to search for people. In fact, he or she might even show up in your recommended friends if they match your information such as city born in, schools went to and more. It’s the magic of social media or rather, the algorithms running behind the flashy websites.

For Your Business

They are certainly useful tools to improve the visibility of your business. You can reach a target audience like your own neighborhood, or an age group or go worldwide with your advertisements. You have a choice in controlling your expenses with social media marketing from zero dollars to as much as you want. In fact, some SEO consultancy firms have included social media with their packages in helping promote businesses.

Finding that Special Someone

It’s more than connecting with someone, it’s about finding Mr. or Ms. Right. Dating is made easier when you can get matched with a potential date. Some websites even have a specialized form of social media accounts that give you exactly what you want, finding your lifetime partner.

Social Media platforms can really help us a lot, but some say they’re headaches for parents. They lead to early awakenings of children to negative influences. SWE Climb is the best parenting blog for you. Read all about keeping your children safe and guiding them through the internet.


Sex Education, Is it the Answer to Preventing Premarital Sex in Teens?

Teens can get quite curious and even rebellious at times. And when this happens, it can be pretty hard reigning them in and teaching them things, which can lead to so many problems. And one rampant problem that we see with teens today is the issue of premarital sex that leads to a significant number of teen pregnancies and single teenage moms. But what can we do to decrease such cases? Is sex education the answer to it?

Let us hear what people have to say on how to discourage premarital sex in teens using sex education.

Can Sex Education Reduce the Cases of Premarital Sex?


With the way teenagers are, being quite curious, stubborn and secretive, it can be hard to educate them about the important things in life, especially the things concerning their futures. But patience and open communication can be the keys to educating them well.

Unfortunately, even with the right education, at home and at school, teens still get in trouble. And it can be devastating when parents find out their kids are engaging in premarital sex and come home pregnant. Teens and premarital sex is a combination you don’t want them to be a part of. This is the harsh reality of the world today.

So, how can it be stopped? Can sex education solve the problem?


Here are some people’s thoughts about it.

  • Knowledge about sex and its consequences can be the power that teens need in order to veer away from it. It may not completely stop them from doing the deed but knowing about unwanted pregnancies and STDs will make them hesitate. So, yes. Sex education can help stop premarital sex.
  • Sex education can indeed help reduce the cases of premarital sex. The knowledge that engaging in a sexual act with a minor is illegal and will get you in trouble with the law is a great factor that will prevent them from doing it.
  • While sex education is great for teaching kids about the consequences of premarital sex, what is more, important is teaching kids to reduce the desires of their flesh. It is in their teenage years that lust can be quite powerful. So, putting a leash on it can be the answer to preventing premarital sex.

Sex education is indeed quite helpful in preventing premarital sex and the negative consequences it brings. But we should keep in mind it is not the only answer to the problem. Education at home and constant communication can strengthen the teachings at school and make a significant impact in reducing the cases of premarital sex.

And this is not the only problem you will face with your teen. Get ahead and read the articles at Swe Climb and brush up on your parenting skills!

Teen Angst and Getting Past it with Simple Bonding Activities with Your Teen

The teenage years is probably one point in your child’s life that you dread dealing with. Teen angst is definitely true and you don’t want to be at the receiving end of it for it can really test your patience and drive you to the brink of insanity. But teens will go through it and there is nothing you can do but love them and support them no matter what. And while it may be difficult, having some bonding activities with your teen at home or elsewhere will make the transition easier to deal with. It will even make the whole family enjoy and become closer to each other.

But what kind of activities will your little rebel agree to and participate in? You don’t have to force your child to get in on the fun when he does not want to. This will only strengthen the rebellion. However, when you have these simple activities to do, asking him to join will be a little easier. And it will surely improve a relationship with your teen.

Simple Activities to do with Your Teenager

  1. Cooking his favorite meal together. While cooking won’t probably interest your teen, his favorite food will definitely get a response. Make it a habit to let your angsty teenager join you in preparing his favorite dinner at least once a week. This will do wonders to his disposition and make him feel closer to you.
  2. Watch a movie that he likes together. Show your interest and willingness to join in on your child’s likes by asking him about his favorite movies and those he wants to watch. Then, schedule a movie night every weekend so you can bond together over it.
  3. Play a sport together. Find out what kind of sport your child is into or what he wants to do and ask him to play it with you. This activity can be a great way to release energy as well as well as the stress that your child may be suffering from.

Teen rebellion and angst can really be hard to deal with. We don’t even know what kind of teenage problems children are having that made them act harsh and difficult. But when you know what to do to manage these kinds of situations, dealing with it can be easier.

Use the tips above and read more about parenting on Swe Climb so you can be a better parent to your children.


Why Grocery Delivery Is Going To Change Your Life If You Have Kids

If you had asked me three months ago what chore I would want to give up doing in a perfect world it would have definitely been grocery shopping. I’m a stay at home mom and I have three kids under the age of five. I love being a stay at home mom and I cheerfully accept the responsibility for the house and for the chores. But as any stay at home parent can tell you going to the grocery store with your kids is always chaos. 

Just getting the kids washed, dressed, and out the door takes an hour, then there’s the actual shopping and the time it takes to get home and put everything away when you have three kids in tow. It can make going to the store to pick up something to support all day event. It’s the worst, and I know I’m not the only parent who feels that way.

What Lead Me To It

At first, when grocery stores started doing grocery pick up I thought that was fantastic. I still had to get everyone washed and dressed and out the door but at least I didn’t have to try and corral the kids and find all the grocery items I needed walking endlessly up and down crowded aisles apologizing constantly for my kids. But then I discovered Instacart and home grocery delivery and it has completely changed my life.

More time to spend with family

Instacart has an app that you can use on a phone, tablet or on a PC. And you can choose the stores that you want to shop from so you can pretty much have all your errands done by other people. And you can shop online at any time and schedule your delivery times. So now instead of having to spend the entire day running around with three children I can go online after they are in bed and shop for groceries, prescriptions and household items from the drugstore, and even shop the sales at our favorite warehouse store.

I’m In Love

Then I can schedule the delivery for the next day while the kids are napping. The friendly shoppers text me if they have any questions and when they are on the way so I know when to expect them. And I get an email from Instacart with a photo of my shopper so I know who to expect.

It’s amazing how much more quality time I have when I don’t have to deal with the horrors of grocery shopping with small children. If you have small children try grocery delivery. It’s totally worth the cost and lets me use my spy apps in peace!


Why My Kids Do Schoolwork Over Summer Break

My kids think that I’m the meanest parent alive because I make them spend an hour or two doing schoolwork most days during the summer break. And I’m ok with that. Some parents also think that it’s ridiculous that I make my kids work on schoolwork and read actual books. I think it’s really important that kids keep learning and keep their momentum going.

Summer break is usually 8-12 weeks and that’s a long time for kids. It’s easy for them to lose all the good study habits and the work ethic that we enforce during the school year. And when kids don’t have structured time to learn, it takes them weeks to get back into a good routine when they go back to school. We can still go on family road trips together and have fun. 

Our Kids Still Go Camping

Still Enjoying Summer

That doesn’t mean that they don’t get to play and be kids. They go camping for several weeks during the summer and we try to get in at least one family vacation even if it’s just a day trip locally. They do get time to do nothing and to play outside or go to the pool. But I don’t want my kids playing video games or on the computer for hours and hours each day.

So I’ll happily accept the title of Meanest Parent Ever for telling my kids they need to spend a couple of hours doing homework. After they can go outside and play with their friends or ride their bikes to tennis camp or volleyball camp. I want my kids to grow up valuing education and learning how to work hard. I use my cell phone spy on them to keep them safe.  

Kids Playing Outside

Online Schoolwork

If you want your kids to keep learning over the summer you can find fantastic resources for lessons at online homeschool sites like Khan Academy. There are lesson plans, study materials, and advice on how to get your kids in a productive study routine. Everything you need to keep your kids learning all summer is there.

And you can easily connect with homeschool families who keep their kids learning all year long too and get some great advice. There are plenty of resources online for parents that want to help their kids keep learning throughout the summer to get them ready for the new school year. Check out my last post the Avengers Infinity War